What are our customers saying about ontrak™? Below are just some of the testimonials we have received. Contact us today to learn how ontrak™ can help your business at less cost than your current system.

With ontrak™ you can...

  • Quickly produce quotes and email them directly to your customer
  • Automatically assign shipping from the proper stocking locations
  • Manage price level by item and by customer type with our unique ontrak™ Price Matrix™
  • Manage multiple Locations with different or shared inventory
  • Be up and running in a few days - not a few months!
  • Export key performance and sales data to Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Excel™, and other popular accounting packages

I really love the new "Related Documents" feature in ontrak™

"We take photos of our specialized tanks when they are ready to ship and attach the PDF to the Sales Order in ontrak™. Now I can send the customer a PDF of what we ship as well as have documentation of exactly how the item was packaged for shipment. We will use this for all high-value shipments."

- Ran

ontrak™ is really a good distribution system

"Last week I had to fly to L.A. to give a presentation to a company for an L.T.A. quotation we had submitted back in May. We were one of the 3 final bidders on the package consequently the "corporate" presentation.

During the presentation I used the ontrak™ release module to show how we can handle order releases etc. After looking more into the system showing them the electronic transfer of paperwork etc their entire staff was incredibly impressed at what we had. We were the smallest of the 3 final bidders ( I know the one competitor of ours is a $120 million a year company) but the company made a point to say we seemed to be light years ahead of the competition.

As of today you saw we received our AS9100 certification, our auditor said pretty much the same thing during our location audits. I know it seems we can be a pain sometimes looking at "new idea's" (which is really Roger's fault) but I did want to tell you it is really noticeable when we display it in the market place.

Roger I know I have told you for years some of the above but this is really a good distribution system, we actually hope some of our idea's your other customers find helpful also."

- Bruce