With ontrak™ you can...

  • Quickly produce quotes and email them directly to your customer
  • Automatically assign shipping from the proper stocking locations
  • Manage price level by item and by customer type with our unique ontrak™ Price Matrix™
  • Manage multiple Locations with different or shared inventory
  • Manage up to 1 million inventory items
  • Automatically load trucks based on order location
  • Be up and running in a few days - not a few months!
  • Export key performance and sales data to Microsoft Excel™

All of your key company employees in multiple locations working off the same page at the same time. Your sales people quoting and writing orders, your office people handling invoices and receipts, your shipping people picking products from the warehouse and shipping them, your purchasing agents being notified of what is going out, what they may need to restock, and what they actually order.


Sitting at home in your den, or on the beach, or in the office, and seeing a minute by minute picture of your company. A couple of clicks to see what any individual customer is doing, what a particular salesman is producing, how much has been shipped today, what accounts have been paid today, a summary of the month's activity, and much more. All you need to do this is an internet connection and ontrak™.

Healthcare Software

Our Healthcare Software Products are cost effective solutions for medical practices, hospitals, medical product manufacturers, medical distributors and end users.

Pathology Reporting Software



We are looking for technology partners in Central and South America and in the Carribean. Contact us for more information.


All this going through a single server that you don't have to buy or maintain. And, you control each employee's access to each part of the system.


You can have all this cutting edge technology and efficiency at less cost than your current system of running your business. Don't you think you need to take a look at ontrak™?